Alcohol Policy

26 04 2010

This post on Alcohol Policy pertains to the ALRC’s work in reviewing the soon expiring Downtown Density Ordinance.

This is pertinent to students because alcohol policy has a much larger effect than just on those patrons who are of age.  What about those students 18-20 who can’t go drink at bars but still want to do more than house parties or the like on the weekend?  Entertainment options for these students is a huge concern.  The ALRC has been pushing for new establishments to adopt the 18+ liquor license to allow for live entertainment (bands, karaoke, etc) and allow for 18-20 year old students to enter and be entertained, but not drink.  Only 1 establishment currently does this.

But ultimately, the ordinance is about restricting the number of bars that can be in the downtown area.  This is a huge campus safety issue as studies done about the effects of the ordinance has shown a decrease in violence crime in areas where the bar density has lessened (so more bars = more crime).

In a city concerned about safety, and about entertainment (and especially about alcohol) this ordinance is very important to the student body and ASM would be doing students a disservice by not being at the table and pushing for student priorities.





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