Outreach Part 1 of 3: Campus

28 04 2010

This post is part 1 of 3 regarding Outreach and the role of the Vice-Chair.

This post focuses on how I plan on better connecting ASM to the campus at large, starting with connecting leadership to student organizations.

Rep. Tobelmann had the right idea with the TOAD campaign but I think we need to implement it in steps.  The first step is to have the chairs of the committees be in consistent contact with and attending the events of at least one student organization.  The chairs are the logical first step as the Vice-Chair has a say in the stipends of these positions, so it is actually enforceable.

Once these groups become accustomed to the chairs being there, the groups will get more comfortable in the conversations and eventually bring forth issues to these ASM representatives who can then bring it to Council.  Additionally, the Chairs can bring information about our relevant campaigns to these groups and gain their assistance in reaching these goals.

Other goals include:

-increase the use of the Press Office

-try to integrate grad students into ASM processes more than they are currently

-after achieving these initial steps, we can begin to look at reaching out to the campus at large and ways to achieve this.

And of course, these video blogs plus my regular blog will be very important in making my message available to the campus at large.

More to come tomorrow when I talk about United Council!





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